Most likely you have heard of (and perhaps have used) Tarot Cards.  You may be familiar with other "divination" cards such as Angel, Animal Spirit,  Shaman, or other Oracle Cards.

All of these cards are designed to be a bridge between your own psychic abilities and the universal knowledge that is available to each of us...

Listening to Spirit Cards may be used as a bridge to tap into this universal knowledge, or divine guidance,  to assist in understanding everyday issues, determining choices and  likely consequences of each choice, or clarifying the next step to be taken.  They were created, however, with a larger picture in mind.  These cards are Soul Journey cards, helping the reader identify the soul's purpose and path.  They may be used to explain issues in the present as well as past and future choices - or even past and future lives.

I created Listening to Spirit Cards in the first few months of 2010.   These cards were divinely inspired, and both the concepts and designs of the cards were spiritually guided.

The copyright is held jointly with Souls Connecting, with all rights reserved. 

listening to spirit cards
a bridge to connect with Spirit
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The Listening to Spirit Book has been translated into Spanish and is available in both English and Spanish as an E-book.