I had my house on the market to sell. When there was a scheduled showing on the weekend, i recorded the conversations with a hidden mp3 recorder. Over and over again everyone loved the back half of the house ( den and kitchen) but there was just something "not right" about the front entrance  which included the formal living room, dining room and 3 of the 4 bedrooms. The prospective buyers just couldn't put their finger on it. It was like going from cold to hot as one person stated. One day several months into my house being for sale, i was in the den and something caught my eye. Looking towards the front of the house in the hall  was a dense  black shadow in the form of a human. I wasn't scared so i knew he wasn't evil. He moved slowly or at least to me it felt slow through the hall then out of site.  I called Sharon Coody knowing she was very knowledgeable with spirits and such. She came right over and as soon as she walked into my house knew something was going on. She explained the black shadow i  saw was a negative entity. He was not an evil spirit, not trying to harm me but for some reason didn't want me to leave.  Sharon walked around the house and in the front half she could feel the difference between the front half and back half.  In the front living room  she could feel a presence, a pressure if you will, when she stepped into the living room. Holding her arms extended out from her side with palms facing forward, she kept walking around till she found and marked a portal  where the entities were entering my house. The portal was about 10 feet by 5 feet. Sharon had me walk towards the portal with my arms out like she was doing and I could feel a strange difference in the air. It went from feeling nothing to feeling a pressure. The best analogy i can  think of is imagine standing very still in a swimming pool about 4 feet deep. Imagine the feeling of nothingness, weightless. Then you begin to walk in the water and feel the resistance of the water against your body. That's how your hands felt standing outside the portal and walking into the portal..a kind of pressure and tingling  at the same time. When you walked away from the portal the feeling of nothingness returned.  Sharon marked the perimeter of the portal, placed crystals inside and outside my house. She then said a few words and it was gone!
I had a showing that afternoon and the first positive showing i might add! They came back for a second showing that night. They didn't give me an offer but the next showing i had did! My house sold in 1 week after Sharon removed the negative entity and the portal that was causing the negative feelings when interested buyers entered my house.
Afterthought- thinking about the 10 years i lived in that house, i never liked to use the front half of the house. One night i decided to watch a movie in the living room and spent all of 20 minutes in there. I could not get comfortable, began feeling sickly and tired.    When my kids stayed with me, there was a lot of negative tension between us. They lived in the front half of the house........since they moved and I moved, we have a wonderful relationship now. hmmmm...co-incidence?
Thank You Sharon for your psychic  abilities, sensitivity and understanding  of the spirit world.
Peggy Shea
July  2011
Dallas, Texas